A Message About Sunday School for All Ages

*Have you ever listened to the Scripture readings on Sunday mornings and thought to yourself, “I wish I knew more about the Bible!” Or maybe you pondered, “How does this apply to my life? What is God’s calling for me?”

*Would your kids enjoy building a boat or learning to pray inside the belly of a whale?

*Would you like to join the Episcopal Church when Bishop Benhase comes on October 7th?

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*Do you like delicious breakfast snacks and hot coffee?

If you answered any of the above questions in the affirmative, then Sunday School is the place for you this fall! We begin with a delicious homemade breakfast and fellowship at 9:00 am on Sunday, September 16th in the Emmaus Room of the Parish House.

At 9:30 the following three gatherings will begin:

1. Breakfast and Bible:   

Youth and Adults are invited to engage the Gospel readings from Mark for the first 3 weeks. This will be a dynamic, informative and hands-on Scripture study that includes a short lecture by Helen White and facilitated group discussions. It will be held in the Emmaus Room.

2. Welcome to the Episcopal Church:

An intentional time of preparation will be offered for those who will be officially Received into the Episcopal Church when the Bishop comes on October 7th. This will be led by Michael White and held in the Adult Forum Room. Please let Michael know if you are interested at michael.white@ccesavannah.org.

3. Playing and Praying with the Prophets:

Youth and Children are invited to participate in an exciting engagement with the incredible adventures of the Prophets. Led by Samantha McKean and many talented volunteers, there will be a lot of fun and formation. Younger children will also experience Godly Play, led by Kim Bockius-Suwyn and Jenny Long. Nursery care will be provided beginning at 9:15.

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And what happens after the Bishop visits on October 7th? Adults and youth are invited to attend . . .

4. Called to Care:

The Children will continue their exciting experience of the Prophets and the youth and adults will join them! In a separate room, of course. Using our sharpened Bible Study skills, we will dive into the Old Testament readings that are lectionary companions to the Mark Gospel readings throughout the fall. Rabbi Robert Haas, from Congregation Mickve Israel, will be our guide on October 14th, with an introductory lesson on reading the Hebrew Prophets. The rest of the fall, we will hear from a variety of community professionals who are involved in work related to the social is- sues presented in Scripture. We will learn about local concerns in health- care, homelessness, poverty, youth in crisis and creation care as part of our continued engagement with the weekly Lectionary. We will also continue our practice of small group Bible study. More details about the calendar of speakers will be shared later in September.