How would I describe Christ Church Sunday School? 

More like recess:  Sunday School is a social time where we engage one another about things that matter in a relaxed but meaningful way.  Remember how recess was a fun time to see your friends and make new ones?  That’s what happens at Sunday School for all ages of participants.  We have precious time to check-in about day-to-day happenings, but we also have the opportunity to discuss ideas and interests uniquely related to our spiritual lives. 

Interval training:  Sunday School is also a time that can be engaged to match your schedule.  Have you ever tried to take a “long run?”  It’s mentally and physically very challenging— nearly impossible for some of us!  However, if you break the run into intervals— maybe run for 4 minutes and walk for one— this helps the process tremendously.  And some exercise gurus say you get a better workout this way.  So instead of saying to yourself, “Well I can’t go to Sunday School because I don’t want to get up early every Sunday morning.”  You can actually think to yourself, “I will come to three Sunday School gatherings and then I will take a break.”  And you will be right inline with the schedule for this fall because we are ALL taking a break on October 7th, when Bishop Benhase comes to Christ Church!  But definitely know that occasional attendees are more than welcome to Sunday School.

Sunday dinner: Finally, you can be assured that if you show up on any given Sunday, you will be treated to a formation experience that has been planned and prepared with a tremendous amount of TLC (tender loving care)!  Many hands work together to make Sunday School happen at Christ Church.  For example, to prepare for the next three weeks, there are so many hearts, minds and hands at work.  For the adult gathering, Breakfast and Bible,  facilitators (Bill Haile, Ryan Chandler, Julia Mikell, Becky Cheatham, Patti Davis, Janet Stone) are spending time together, mid-week, studying and meditating on the Gospel reading in preparation for leading small group discussions.  Samantha McKean, Kelly Lancaster, Jenny Long, Kim Bockius-Suwyn, Casey and Ronald Martinez and many others are all preparing for the engaging adventure of Playing and Praying with the Prophets for our middle school and children’s offering.  Many newcomers are in conversation with Michael White, planning to attend his class to prepare for Reception.  And Fatima Berry is dedicated to preparing delicious food for breakfast each Sunday.

If Hurricane Florence has you otherwise engaged for this Sunday, September 16th, then be sure to join us for Sunday School on other Sundays this fall.  See you there!     - Helen White