Message from our deacon

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Neither Fish nor Fowl

Deacons are sometimes a poorly understood order. Not quite a priest, not really a layperson, we walk with one foot in each world, modeling the servant Christ in both. Just last Sunday some visitors remarked that I played a big role in the service. Wishing I had more time to deliver my “All About a Deacon” talk, you get to be the recipients of that now.

The roles the Deacon plays in the service are tied to our baptismal promises but point to our call as followers of Christ. We are to make the presence of the church evident in the world and to bring the needs of the world to the church. Our roles in the service are to echo that vision. The Deacon reads the Gospel as part of the charge to proclaim the good news to the people --- though sometimes it doesn’t sound like good news! When we preach, it is often to call attention to the needs of the world and ways we might serve others to meet those needs. When the Deacon calls for the recitation of the Nicene Creed, it is a call to remember those statements of belief from our baptism and confirmation, those statements that are meant to inform who we are and what we do in the world. Which moves directly into the Prayers of the People, those gathered concerns which remind us of our responsibility to the church, yes, but also to the wider world. Which naturally moves us to confess all the ways we continue to fall short of those responsibilities. So, in all those ways we have heard and received the Word.

At the Eucharist, the Deacon prepares the table, setting a place where Christ may come, come to feed us with the living Word, his self-offering yet another model for us. Finally, the Deacon dismisses the people, “go in peace to love and serve the Lord!” We have been fed, body and soul. The charge is not to keep it to ourselves but to share the good news (the joy!) with a world hungry for it. For the truth is, we all walk with one foot in the world, one foot in eternity.